Professional Services

At COMIR, we aim to offering quality services at the best prices and meeting all of our clients’ demands as well as the high technical standards established by the most important local institutions: ANRGN Bucharest, SNP Petrom and ANRE Bucharest.


Constructii Civile, Industriale si Agricole.

Water supply systems;
Natural gas supply systems;
Petroleum systems,water pump units, compressors, etc.
Thermic stations
Sanitary systems;
Electrical systems;
Industrial halls and metallic confections;
Roads and platforms;

Project execution:

Civil and industrial constructions, re – conditiong projects;
Natural gas distribution systems, regularization systems and natural gas utilization systems, connecting pipes;
Water supply systems;
Thermic distribution systems;
Sewerage systems(duct);
Sanitary and thermic systems;
Interior electrical systems, aerial and underground electrical lines of 0,4 ÷ 20KV;
Automatization systems, electric boards, conversion sites, catodic protection;
Execution and connecting-up of a wide range of metallic constructions;
Specific construction and montage in the oil transport and handling;
Concreting, asphalt execution, platforms, access ways

Technical Equipment:

Specific production platform of:
Mechanical manufactory;
Metallic confection and tin processing workshop;
Electrical manufactory;
Pipe isolation station;
Specific tools and equipments for a various range of construction and plumbing projects
Specific tools and equipments for maintenance and production projects
Specific tools for telecommunication projects, computer networks and professional systems against invasion/burglary
CAD design studio

Team of Experts:

1. Technology and Technique;
2. A.N.R.G.N. licensed Engineers (ID, IT);
3. M.L.P.T.L licensed Engineers, responsible with executing construction projects and roads;
4. A.N.R.G.N. licensed Plumbers;
5. ELECTRICA licensed Employees;
6. I.S.C.I.R licensed Employees;
7. Qualified working personnel